Warehouse Worker Job Guide

Warehouse workers have an essential job to do.

They are the foundation of practically every industry involving goods. Without the hard work of those in the warehouse, normal sales and production processes would be halted.

Warehouse worker functions

The shipping, receiving, and processing portions of goods is performed by warehouse workers who have a number of important responsibilities. These workers often take care of any packing and shipping of orders, as well as stock organization and retrieval.

Warehouse workers are often responsible for the proper maintenance, cleanliness, and safety of their warehouse. Being in charge of their environment helps to ensure that workers are following protocol and meeting regulations in their goods duties.

The usual duties of warehouse workers include:

  • Retrieval of products
  • Transportation of products
  • Preparing orders for shipping
  • Receiving returned goods, ensuring proper contents, and checking for damage. Following proper procedure for any lost or damaged items.
  • Taking accurate inventory
  • Stocking and organizing products

Typical requirements for employment as a warehouse worker

While every warehouse and overseeing company will have different qualifications and requirements for their employees, there are a few typical requirements that most warehouses follow. These include:

  • High school diploma or GED. However, for anyone that aspires to move into management, an Associate’s Degree or higher will be useful.
  • Certifications are typically not required to be hired as a warehouse worker, although some specialized positions may need certified workers. If you’re looking into a job with a specialization, ask recruiters about the potential need for certification. Going out of your way to be certified definitely won’t hurt, and may really help you down the line. Certifications may be needed for those looking to operate a forklift, take inventory, or ensure best practices.
  • Hands-on training happens on the job, with the guidance and oversight of a seasoned warehouse worker.
  • There are a number of skills that you will want to have to work as a warehouse worker. These skills include interpersonal savvy, organizational skills, and time-management. You’ll also want to have great math skills, as well as computer science for inventories and more.

What it’s like to be a warehouse worker

As a warehouse worker, your salary will vary depending on your location and company. However, the average pay for workers is about $13.00 per hour. Overtime, and depending on any position promotions, your salary could potentially increase to the mid-twenty dollar range.

The job consists of a regular environment where you will be expected to stand for long hours, lifting heavy items out of trucks or off of shelves. You will also be required to use a variety of office equipment, such as computers and printers, as well as the potential of operating machinery.

Working in a warehouse typically has long hours and employees are often expected to work overtime, weekends, and holidays.

Getting hired as a warehouse worker

If you are looking to get hired on at a warehouse, there are a few steps that you’ll want to take.

  • Research your local warehouse requirements. If you need some sort of college degree or certifications, you’ll want to get those taken care of before you apply. OSHA requires that anyone operating a forklift be certified, so if the warehouse you’re applying for has a forklift you’ll need to drive, make sure and get that certification. Otherwise, make sure you have evidence of graduating high school or your GED.
  • Create your resume and cover letter, replete with your work history and any relevant skills and experience.
  • Get out there and apply for the warehouse jobs in your area. You’ll likely be applying for an entry level position, so just make sure your resume is ready to go and turn it in! If the warehouse has any specialty positions that you want to apply for, make sure and specify that on your application.

Working in a warehouse is a great and important job. It’s necessary for the proper functioning of our stores, businesses, and economy. It can also be incredibly rewarding for workers who are looking to get in there, work hard, and head home at the end of each day. With great benefits and a rewarding salary, warehouse workers have a great job that provides well for them.

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