Commercial Janitorial Services

Your business office is an extension of you and your company.

Whether you have a small office with a few employees or a large facility housing hundreds of workers, we can help you show your customers that you are professional across the board. With the use of our commercial janitorial services, you can take the extra steps to ensure your business emits efficiency and success when someone walks in the door.

By allowing our experienced staff to keep your facility clean, you can portray the high level of professionalism you want to be known for in your industry. We pride ourselves in knowing that our efficient cleaning process will help your company reach its professional potential.

We can help provide your employees with a work environment that is clean, safe, and healthy, which will allow them to be most productive. We will also work with your schedule and deliver services tailored to your company’s specific cleaning needs.

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Janitorial Services Provided

We offer a variety of janitorial services for our business clients. Our broad selection of services is all-encompassing and covers the whole office environment from daily floor cleaning (both carpet and hard surface) to window washing or dust removal. All areas of your office including lobby, restrooms, and kitchen will be tended to by our skilled technicians. Office system cleaning, waste removal, and sanitation programs can also be provided. We have options for daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning services.

Daytime Cleaning

This is one of our commercial janitorial services that can really benefit your business. It can be cost-effective to switch your cleaning service from after-hours to daytime while the facility is open to employees. Energy use from lighting and heating/cooling can remain at a low level in the evening.

Our daytime cleaning services are just as comprehensive as after-hours. In our detailed cleaning plans, we will document scheduled tasks and report to supervisory staff. We provide continued training for our cleaning staff to guarantee their efficiency. Safety and security will always be at the top of our list of priorities.

One-Time Service

Sometimes your business may only need a specific one-time cleaning. We can provide a one-time janitorial cleaning for your commercial facility. Simply let us know your cleaning requirements, and we can make it happen.

Efficient Cleaning with Advanced Technologies

Being up to date with the most advanced cleaning technology has allowed us to be very successful in our services. We aim to be productive and will utilize the most effective tools to do so.

Mobile Quality Control

Our continued communication with our clients is of utmost importance. With smartphone capability, we can stay in touch with you throughout our scheduled services. We want to know that our staff is providing you with exactly what you requested and that you are satisfied with our services.

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